Capri / Pompeii - Day trip to the Romans

Capri is right in front of the Vesuvio and Pompeii - a day trip was in order!
We took the ferry over to Sorrento which is a popular vacation spot  well.

Departing from the Marina Grande

Arriving in Sorrento

But we didn't spend much time there and instead hopped on the train to Pompeii.

We had picked a wonderful, sunny day to walk through the ancient city. And let me tell you, it's huge! After all, by the time the volcano destroyed Pompeii, about 9000 lived there.

 Vesuvio in the background
 Lovely interiors

We walked for 4 hours - until I was too exhausted to take another step. Olivier of course was his usual unstoppable self and probably would have continued until midnight!

Turning this into a roundtrip we took the train to Napoli.
By then I was a bit rested and ready to go shopping. Among other things I bought a lovely dress that I still own today. I even wore it on our trip to Japan in 2014! You can see me wearing it here and here.

I think we were just in time to catch the last ferry back to Capri in the evening.