Capri - the romantic island

There are many ways to find the destination of your next trip. When I read a short article about Capri in Cosmopolitan, some time in Spring 1995, I immediately knew that this was a place I wanted to visit. The funny thing is that when I mentioned this to other people, the reaction was often: "Oh, that's a nice place, I went there 20 years ago!" Apparently it had been all the rage back then...

So I packed my boyfriend and my suitcase and booked a flight. This proved not to be so easy - September is not the high season and there were no direct flights from Zurich to Napoli, so we had to make a stop over in Milano.
Now I had already heard the joke that ALITALIA is short for Always Late In Takeoff And Late In Arrival. How true this proved to be...

Our first flight from Zurich was late due to morning fog. But no worries, our connecting flight in Milano was late as well, so we caught it without problem.

Finally in Napoli we made our way to the harbor and caught the Aliscafo (high speed ferry) and arrived on the lovely island of Capri in the afternoon.

As you can see, it's not very big, there's the sea to both sides of the picture.

My boyfriend had insisted that it wasn't necessary to pre-book a hotel. It would be more "adventurous" to find one upon arrival. Only it was Saturday and there are a lot of people who go to Capri on the weekend...
Well, we already got a nice long walk through the little town out of it - it is by the way free of cars, there are only small electro mobiles.

In the end we found a room in a hotel that was clearly over our budget but we took it for one night anyway. But hey, it had a pool and it was my first time in a hotel that had switches to open and close the blinds automatically right by the bed!

Now I am writing this 20 years later, so I am not exactly sure about all my pictures, but I think this is the view from the hotel room.

On Sunday morning we found a nice little hotel that was more in our price range, the Villa Krupp.
It also had a terrace with a great view over the sea. Eating breakfast on the terrace is one of the keys to a great vacation!

But we hadn't come to just sit around - we wanted to explore the island and look at "old stones".
So we walked over to the Villa Jovis, a building from ancient Roman times inhabited by the emperor Tiberius.

The evenings in Capri are great - the day time visitors who invade the island every morning like swarms of grasshoppers have left and the atmosphere gets much more relaxed.

One of the main attractions is definitely the food! We stayed in Capri for a week and never found a bad restaurant. Every meal was between good and fantastic. And you know those Italians have their primo, second and dolce - and so did we. Also, don't even think about going to dinner before 9 PM - and even then you might be the first people in the restaurant.
I remember a lady arguing with a waitress: "In Germany we eat dinner much earlier." - "But you are not in Germany, signora!"

Results: Every night we had a really hard time dragging our full bellies up the stairs to our hotel on the hill. And by the time we got home we both had gained about 3 kilos. But it was so worth it!