Capri - walking up and down and up and down...

If you want to see Capri, be ready to walk a lot of stairs. A lot.

The island is a rock in the sea with no flat sandy beaches, it's steep on every side.

But you are rewarded with great views and special gems like this villa, the famous Casa Malaparte.
This was our hotel, the Villa Krupp - probably named after the Via Krupp which is right under it. 
 By that time, the small winding road was in a bad shape and it was "walk at your own risk".
 Lovely evening views

If you missed pictures of the famous Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) it's not because we didn't go there. But rather because there was hardly any time for photos. Actually, this was the only thing about this trip that was a major low point. 
We went to the harbor in the morning - but apparently not early enough. A whole lot of tourists from Napoli and Ischia had already arrived and taken boats towards the grotto. 
There you had to wait a long time for them to climb into little wooden boats. And of course at this time of the year many of the visitors where elderly people who were not very quick to do so.
Then you were rowed to the entrance of the grotto which is half under water - so you slip inside quickly when the waves are low.
The grotto itself is really beautiful. But there are a lot of people outside who wait for their turn. So you are taken around for just a few minutes and hopp - out again! What should be an experience where you can peacefully admire the beauty of nature is just a rush and we really felt ripped off afterwards. 
My recommendation: save the time and money and just look at the pictures that other people took.

 September is not really "beach season" but one day we just felt like relaxing by the sea for a bit.
The "beach" is where they filled the space between rocks with concrete. But they give you mattresses for comfort.
The streets in Capri are generally very narrow. This is one of the electro mobiles that are used to transport luggage and other goods from and to the hotels.
We spend the early evenings just strolling, window shopping (there are mostly expensive brand shops for richer tourists than us) and enjoying the pretty town. And then we had another excellent meal.

All in all we had a wonderful time on this lovely island. To me it felt like the closest we had ever come to a honeymoon.
We could have stayed longer but I guess we would not have fitted into any of our clothes anymore :-)

Oh, remember what I told you at the beginning of our trip about delayed flights?
Of course our flight to Milan was late. And when we arrived there we saw a big fat "Cancelled" right next to our flight from there to Zurich! Apparently the plane from Zurich to Milan was so late that they didn't think it would be worth sending it back north again.
We were offered a much later evening flight or a train ticket.
Since the train from Milan to Zurich only takes about 4 hours, we rushed to the train station and got on it right on time.
One peculiar detail I remember: We could not just go to the restaurant wagon and eat whenever we wanted. Instead we had to reserve a table and be there at a specific time when everybody was served dinner together.