Istanbul - Evening in Üsküdar

I got invited for dinner in Üsküdar by Ömer, one of the tango dancers I had met on Saturday.

So I walked down to Kabatas and took the ferry that rides from shore to shore as frequently as a bus. You can even pay for it with the same card as the metro.

I enjoyed the short trip as I usually do when I am on a boat: as much in the front as possible. I like to feel the wind and watch the waves and seagulls.

Unfortunately when I arrived there was no Ömer in sight. I waited wuite while. This combined with the fact that I was getting hungry made me rather irritated and tainted my otherwise perfect day.
I bought a cherry juice to at least get my blood sugar levels up and relax me a bit.
I also asked a man if he could share his Internet connection with me so that I could at least send Ömer a message. He was kind enough to let me - people here are so friendly and helpful!

Fortunately Ömer turned up soon after this - he had been stuck in traffic, as can happen in Istanbul...

He drove me very high up on the hill to a spot called Büyük Çamlica.
The view there was absolutely stunning!

TV antennas rule the hill.
There's also a restaurant where we sat down to have dinner with a view on the setting sun.
Since Ömer's English is about as limited as my Türkish, our conversation was limited. But somehow we managed, also with the help of some online translation on his phone - although the results were sometimes rather questionable.
And we had the lovely view to look at and take tons of pictures of.

Two moons in one picture
After sunset we walked around the park on the hill a little. On the other side you can see how the Asian part of Istanbul still stretches on for a while. This city is so huge!

Because I liked the views so much, Ömer took me to the next hill, Küçük Çamlica.
The restaurant there is new but built in Ottoman style.

Cake time!

Vie on the Asian side
Moon behind clouds
Walking through the park - the parks here are generally well maintained. 
And another great view...
We decended towards the Bosphorus and I marvelled at Ömer's ability to navigate all the small streets, some of which are very steep. It's a complete maze because hilly terrain doesn't lend itself to straight, logically planned streets.

One bridge to each side

Just one more pictire...

By now it was clearly too late to go to tango since I would have had to go home first to get shoes and all. So we drove around some more and visited nice places.
Towards midnight I took the ferry back home.

Dolmabahce Palace in its night glory
Kabatas harbor 
All the places we went to - the green bits indicate that we walked there - quite a bit actually.