Istanbul - something for the eyes

After three days of so many things to see, Wednesday was more of a restorative day with not too much walking and also less pictures to take. But my eyes had some work to do just was well...

Since things are generally cheaper in Istanbul and I needed a pair of new glasses I thought, why not get them here?

So I asked a good old friend for advice. He has excellent connections in the optical world and offered to help me.
In Turkey you can't just get you eyes measured in a shop, it has to be done by a proper doctor.

Therefore we drove to this renowned eye clinic. My friend decided to get his eyes checked as well, so we went through the process together and he helped me with translations where needed. 
During the drive and waiting times we had the opportunity to catch up. I always enjoy our conversations a lot.

The measuring was done by two different people, so it took a while. They also put drops into our eyes to open the pupils. They made it hard to see anything near and when we went back out we also noticed that we were very sensitive to the bright sunlight. On with the sunglasses!

Next stop was an optician's shop where I bought the frame for my glasses. They usually can make them in just an hour, but since my eyes need correction for far and near sight they had to order special glasses. I did get a friendship discount though. 

I had to pick up my finished costume from Ender May in the bazaar so My friend dropped me close to there. This gave me also the opportunity to say Hi to somebody in another shop, get a chain fixed in one of the little workshops and finally find the little red painted bowls I had wanted last time. 

My second costume business I had to attend to was a fitting for the custom ordered costume. 
Here's Asiye in the middle of her glitter cave. I am getting a different color version of the costume on the left.
There's a shop on Istiklal street that has the most outrageous glittery party fashion called KikeRiki. I couldn't resist its call... Two glitter tops are now mine.

Back at the hotel I tried on the costume with the two different skirts.

I had another nice dinner date in the neighborhood and was too lazy to tango. My legs were thanking me! I'll get back into action mode the next day.