Istanbul - very big and very small things

It's great to have a washing machine when you are on holiday. All that walking around and tango dancing sure makes you sweaty. But you enter the land of confusion when you want to choose a laundry program and realize that it's all written in Turkish... 
But nothing that a little WhatsApp chat with the ever helpful Celal couldn't fix!
I found the public bus that goes from Taksim to Santralistanbul. It's on the upper end of the Golden Horn but we got there surprisingly fast because the way there goes through two tunnels that have very little traffic.

Let me quote the museum's leaflet for a moment: 
The Silahtaraga Power Plant is the first urban-scale power plant of the Ottoman Empire. It was the sole electric electricity provider for Istanbul between the years 1914 and 1952.

The whole area was transformed into a museum and university campus in 2004.

Now let me take you to the Museum of Energy, an amazingly awesome place!

This hall is huge and the machines are too. They look like dinosaurs of steel.

As you might notice there were only few other people. It was a welcome change after the crowded bazaar the day before.

The control room - where I was having far too much fun with the self-timer on my camera!

The emergency room - don't know if I would trust it...

What if I push this button?

Nice floor
Sorry for the many pictures of rusty pannels - but I found them oddly fascinating.

Goddess of electricity
Machine art
See how big they are?
Have a look inside...
I don't know what it is, but I saw it and just said: Wow this is beautiful!
Some kind of typewriter thingy
The elecrticity sphere
They have a camera that records your energy signature and displays it on a big screen. No wonder I went all Star Trek on it.
The camera keeps the old image for a while and you can have a double picture of yourself.
Can you tell how much I enjoyed this?
There were a lot more fun experiments and I was having the greatest time!

I have never before bought a museum's t-shirt, but when I found one at the shop with SANTRALISTANBUL written all over it I just had to buy it and put it in immediately!

It was early afternoon and time for lunch. There are several restaurants, mainly for the students of the Bilgi University, but all are open for visitors.
Me and my new t-shirt with a boat sculpture in the back.
I always like an original toilet!

The cooking school - or as they call it: Culinary Arts Department. Complete with their own garden.
University buildings
Taking a stroll along the Golden Horn
Steel flower
Just about a 15 minutes walk away you can find Miniatürk. As you might guess, they have miniatures of famous buildings from all over Turkey there. And also a lot of Mini-Turks... The place was full of school and kindergarden classes.
It's nicely done, with a lot of attention to details and there is also audio explanation for every object.
Not just old buildings!

Taksim square
Galata tower - one of the places I have never visited. At least not from the inside. Put it on the list for next time!

Never too many tulips!
They also have a simulated 3D helicopter ride that takes you all over Turkey. I went on it to get an overview and maybe some inspiration for future trips.
It was cool but the shaking and effects made me slightly sick...
With the right angle it looks very convincing!
Artemis temple. The goddess is in!

There's a shuttle boat from Miniatürk to Kabatas - so basically a direct way home - but it only runs every two hours.
I had to decide between staying longer and maybe take the bus - or just hopping on that boat, which I did in the end, it was just too convenient. And there are just so many screaming kiddies I can take in one day...

Weather report:
Pierloty - I had been up there on a previous trip. It's an enormous graveyard 

Formation flight
I like this new Metro bridge - on a previous trip I went there to take great pictures at night.
I litterally pulled in my head when we went under this bridge.
Giant cruise ships - bringing thousands of tourists into town
My neighborhood- see why I have to walk up and down so much?
Water to all sides
Welcome back in Cihangir! My calves will soon be thicker than those of pro bicyclers...

After this great day I also had a wonderful evening.