Four countries, several eras in one day!

Luxembourg is a small country - it doesn't take long to cross the boarders. On the way to France we passed by the famous Schengen - a tiny village that gave its name to a big contract! 
We also drove through Germany for about 2 minutes. It's not called the "3 country corner" for nothing!

In just half an hour we arrived at the Château de Malbrouck.
This catle has been reconstructed from ruins to its former glory - it took ten years! Also because they used all old building techniques and materials.
Now the castle has changing exhibitions, like the one we went to visit: Knights and Samurai:
The show compared the lifestyle and armours of both groups.

The Japanese warrior masks
Reconstructed ceiling
Castle court
Mia and me
View over the Mosel countryside

Spear tips
The helmets are very individual and creative

Holding up the fireplace
There's a section dedicated to the reconstruction itself to show how it was done. For some tasks the workers first had to learn old techniques.
On the biggest tower
Loads of windmills on the German hills
We ate lunch on the castle's terrace and then drove to the next attraction, another reconstruction of an ancient building. 
But this time we went further back in time - and to Germany.
Roman Villa in Borg - this is just the small door house:
The roses had a strong, lovely smell.
Here's the big building - with Olivier and Raphaël.
Posing in the kitchen garden

The court garden is very nicely done.

Big bath with several rooms
Try a toga!

In the evening, the guys made pasta from scratch, watched by Chica, the cute family dog.