Vienna - All these palm trees! And Austrian Bellydance Festival

Usually when I travel on dance business I go alone. But when Marisa from Vienna invited me to come to her festival to teach and perform, I asked my boyfriend: “Have you been to Vienna?” He said no – and neither had I. So we decided to go together and add an extra day to profit from this occasion.

It was July and it was hot. Really hot! On the day we arrived we walked around the center for a bit and I very soon had Blisters on my feet. So I not only had to buy special band-aids but also sandals that would be more comfortable.

Palm trees on my shirt - and they were not the last ones we saw in Vienna!

Nothing like a bunch of horses pooping on a hot summer day - ah, the smell!
Just opposite the church: modern architecture. There's a nice bar on top to which we went in the evening.

We started out the next day with one of the big highlights: Schloss Schönbrunn is indeed very “schön”. And so is its big park. Due to the heat we had to stay close to the shrubs so that we could walk in the shadow as much as possible.
Overview of the park with the "Gloriette" on top of the hill. This is where we walked after we had visited the palace. 

View from the top of the hill

Vienna in the background

Big fountain

There's a maze in the park and we tried our luck...
This way!

The Palm House

Welcome to the jungle
Lovely tropical flowers

These palm trees are tall! No wonder they need a big house
Back in town
Many different styles of buildings

Hundertwasser house
Museum time on Monday
Unfortunately it was closed this day
Olivier loves to shop for childrens' clothing - for his god son.
Having a drink late at night.

The Austrian Bellydance Festival war quite a big affair. The gala show even took place twice, on Friday and Saturday.

The other guest star was Said el Amir from Munich – one of the dancers who is on the international dance circuit and who I have bumped into on many occasions all over Europe. It's always nice to meet familiar faces!

Yes, it was so hot, we needed a fan backstage!

On stage!
Here's a video of my performance (sorry, back then quality was not super good)
Our organizer: Marisa
The big finale
On Sunday afternoon I taught a folklore workshop while Olivier went to walk along the Ringstrasse - until he was totally fed up with classicistic architecture.
Swing your thobes!

This was a great little trip - I really like Vienna, the city, the people and the food!