Beirut / Byblos - on the Dancefloor, on the Road on the Bar!

Looking out to another sunny October Monday morning in Beirut! 
Yes, I told you before, it's a mountain country - even in the City!

After a week of walking and dancing we needed a round of pampering. The Lebanese do everything with style, like this cute salon.

I even had matching Capri pants!
And we were ready for action again at Helen Cremona's Dance Center.
Learning one of Helena's great but sometimes challenging choreographies.
Wearing shoes with heels of course, we're in Lebanon!

Cane dance included
Can't we take her home with us? 
By the way the pictures in the background show Helena's teacher, the famous Nadia Gamal.
There were some used costumes for sale, with rather "interesting" design. We tried some but didn't buy any in the end.
On Tuesday we had another walk on the Corniche - and finally a picture with the famous Pigeon Rocks!
Our short visit to a mosque.
 Old glory
How can you have a cheap night out?  Go back to Virgin Megastore and listen to good music! 
We were having an absolute blast with The Best of Italo Disco - Back to the Eighties, baby! 
 I totally bought that CD!

For the last part of our Beirut trip we went on the road - taking one of the old buses permanently open widows. This time we went further up north, past Jounieh.

Improvised street market
First stop: Byblos. It's is a pretty little town but somehow souvenir shops look the same all over the world! Well Katharina, looking for a nice costume?

Hm, probably not here..
Tree hugging!

Nice house

Pretty little Harbour
The perfect spot for lunch

A while ago Katharina's niece had met some children while she was in school in London. Their family had now moved to Lebanon, making the transition from a small expensive appartment in the City to a large house on the hills for the same price...
We met up with the mother, a lovely Austrian woman who is married to a Lebanese husband.

She picked us up in Byblos and drove us up to their home.
 On the way she told us about her life here and how she had to adjust to a totally different lifestyle.
While Lebanese people are generally very open and friendly, there are also dark sides. Like wealthy locals who hire house maids from a 3rd world country and treat them hardly better than slaves, letting them sleep in tiny rooms and making them work too much. This is something she had a hard time tolerating.

The lovely house with big terraces
There's enough space for a big Family!

What a view!

A new friend for Katharina
Sunset time...

Finally, we returned to Beirut and faced the harsh reality that we had reached the end of our stay... Katharina got her hair done and got into a fun water battle with the hairdresser afterwards.
Mirror selfie!
We had already checked out of our hotel room in the morning, but our flight was going to leave much later, in the middle of the night.
That's why we used the hotel's bathroom to touch up for another round of nightlife.
The Queens of the night are ready to rock!
Look, I found a car!
We walked up and down a Monot Street which is lined with bars and clubs. First stop: Singing my heart out at karaoke!
Next bar: the Cuba Libre. Because that's a logical name for a club in Beirut, right?
We met some nice Lebanese guys to party with us.
Katharina had some fun dancing on the bar! (OK, she only did it for the picture...) 

Our new friends were nice enough to drive us to the airport later that night so that we could catch our flight to Istanbul.