Beirut - more Dancing, more Fun, more Food!

With all my luggage stranded in an appartment in Beit Meri (read here why), what was I going to do until I got it back? Go shopping of course! Fortunately that's very easy in Beirut :-)

Katharina arrived that night on a late flight and together we headed for the city center, where shishas are built out of melons sometimes:
 It was the middle of the night - which is always the right time in Beirut.
Friday morning, as seen from our hotel window
 Just the normal traffic jam...
Fortunately our morning dance class was within walking distance! Actually, just a 20 minutes walk along this street.

We followed up with a round of shopping. I was particularly interested to find shops with sewing materials - since there are no costume shops like in Cairo or Istanbul. But we found very little of use.

On the other hand there were enough clothes shops so that I could buy something nice to wear for going out at night.

I loved the dress on the right so much that I bought it in green. Yes, my t-shirt says "Sleepless in Beirut" because that's very fitting!
Some street impressions

A different kind of shop...

 Warming up for the nightlife at the Place de l'Etoile at about 8 PM. Far too early for most locals!

 Are you ready to party? Sure!
Since I had liked the Zad el Kheir restaurant on my previous visit, I took Katharina there with me.

This is the normal amount of mezze for two. Actually Lebanese people usually go out in bigger groups, that's why the restaurants don't really have a menu for only two people...
But wait, we got more! Just never even attempt to eat it all, because there is more to come...
 The first show was this male dancer called Alaa
I found a video of him on YouTube, if you like to watch him in action:

Of course they also had a female dancer, Dalida who during her audience interaction segment got me up to dance in my new clothes and shoes.

Everybody dance now!
Having fun!

There was more food - the second round with grilled meat, and fruit for dessert.
Always be very hungry when you go out in Lebanon!

Eventually, Sahar managed to get her and my stuff from the apartment and I was happily reunited with my luggage on Saturday
Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to hang out with her anymore, as she was understandably very stressed about her break-up and had to find a new place to stay for herself.