Graz - an architectural treat

When I went to the Austrian bellydance Festival in Vienna in 2002 I met among other people Claudia from Graz.
She convinced her dance teacher to invite me to teach some workshops in her hometown.
We agreed that my boyfriend and I would stay with her and her husband.

So one sunny day in June 2003 we drove off to the east - and we drove for a long time! We might have slightly underestimated how far Graz is from Zurich! Fortunately we had "The Life of Pi" as an audiobook and listened to it for many hours while driving.

It was towards the evening when we finally arrived. Food would be an important part of this trip, and we started with a nice dinner in a restaurant that had a great view:
The next morning we started our long walk around Graz.

As you can see, it's a beautiful city with a lot of nice buildings.

Up on the hill

Sometimes you need a person in the picture for size comparison!

getting ready for an open air concert

Indians in Graz?

It's not all just old buildings in Graz - here's a cool new construction over the river:

Of course it wasn't just all sightseeing - as mentioned above, I was there to teach some workshops, which I did on Saturday. As I remember one was about the style of Suheir Saki.

On Sunday, on our way home, we saw that there were some big caves. A good reason for a stop because especially Oli just can't resist a good cave!