Istanbul - the perfect stop over

Since there are no direct flights between Zurich and Beirut, Istanbul is a great choice for a stop over.
Coming back from our adventurous Lebanon trip in October 2004, Katharina and I had an extra day on the Bosphorus.

According to the picture's info markings, this was taken at 3 AM. Yes, we were on an airplane, in full party make-up since we had gone nearly straight from the club to the airport with just a short stop by the hotel to pick up our luggage!
But why were we already up at 8:11 as the next picture would suggest? View from our hotel room. Not very nice but well, we didn't stay there long anyway.
Most of the day was of course spent walking around! Starting in Beyoglu...
 Ah, my beloved Istiklal street! But we didn't stop there much.
 over the Galata Bridge
Looking back
 Yes, we made it! We're in the bazaar!
 Apparently all that shopping in Beirut hadn't been enough... 

 The Egyptian Bazaar in the evening light.
 Mosque nearby
 Always a lovely view!
This concluded a wonderful, action packed vacation for me!
I went back to Beirut and Istanbul several more times of cours.