Stockholm - sleepless in Sweden

Following David's visit to Zurich in May 2003 I decided that I had to go and visit him in Sweden for a few days. After all, I had a lot of free time and we had quickly become good friends.

I was totally getting into the Swedish groove when my plane approached Stockholm. I was listening to ABBA and getting all excited when I saw little wooden houses that looked just like the ones in the old Astrid Lindgreen TV series!

David lived a bit outside of Stockholm in Haninge. View from my Hotel room:
The view wouldn't change much during the day. Since it was June, the sun hardly really set at all! One evening we were walking outside when Davd said: "We should go to sleep, it's late". I said: "Already?" and then looked at my watch - it was 11 PM!
Unfortunately the shutters of my hotel room window didn't block out all the light and I found it kind of hard to fall asleep.

There's a little lake nearby but the water rather cold. We had a nice little walk around it.

Hardcore Swedes going into the water

Swedish living - small appartments!
One of of the reasons we met up again was that I would learn more about Bhangra from David who has been doing this folk dance since he was 4 years old, learning from his father.
He showed me not only the movements but also what to wear:

We practiced Bhangra together every day so that I could learn as much of it as possible.

On one evening we went into Stockholm and watched his friend Farida in a Lebanese Restaurant.

A great day for sightseeing - as long as there is enough ice cream!

Two kinds of statues

Doing the duck dance - with geese

Breaking into the museum's vault to see mummies

More ice cream!

We had to visit the local Egyptian bazaar of course.

And there's a shop called Indiska which has ist own Ganesh.