Cairo - Dancing by night and day

Cairo by night offers some great views.

Not only outside, but inside as well! I wanted to see some dancers and went out on two evenings. The first was at the Sheraton. Actually, there is never just a dancer, it's an entire evening program. This one started with the singer Hanan.
 The dancer this night was Soraya from Brazil who did several shows with costume changes. I enjoyed her lively style. Here she is with the band's cymbal player. Yes, it's apparently kind of a status symbol for a dancer if she can afford to have a musician to do the zill playing for her.

The second show was with a male singer

Another costume change! 

My second night out was on the Nile Maxim boat. This time I took Hoda along to thank her for her guiding me around. She had actually never been there or to any other nightclub show. It's not what proper Egyptian girls do... We had great food and saw great dancing.
Randa Kamal - who in 2002 was already well known, but not the superstar dancer she became later.
Her rather odd costume choice made Hoda very uncomfortable - and I simply thought it wasn't a flattering look. It's unfortunate when a costume distracts from the dancing instead of enhancing it.

*Gossip on* also notice that this was "before silicone".... *gossip off*

We both liked this look a lot better and it let us appreciate that Randa is a great dancer!

Of course I didn't just want to watch dancing but do it myself! Therefore I booked a private lesson with Yasmina. She's a British dancer who has been living and working in Cairo for many years. 
I enjoyed her teaching and got some very useful tips out of it.
And I continued shopping in a different area than the bazaar. This is how I met the legendary Madame Abla, one of the most famous costume designers in Egypt (she sadly passed away in 2006).
She didn't really have off the rack costumes - with her it was all made to measure! This was the only costume I couldn't bring home with me because she made it from scratch and sent it later. But it was worth the wait!