Cairo - Exploring and a whole lot of shopping

When I woke up after my first night and the first of three weddings that took place in my hotel in Cairo, I looked out to this view:
Rather nice and quiet for Cairo.

I took off and soon had to face the biggest danger of Cairo which is not bombs or robbers but TRAFFIC! It's a nightmare come true, really. You get the impression that the more cars there are, the faster they drive! And they are all out to kill as many pedestrians as they can...
Crossing the street is always an adventure - it's best to wait for some locals and then join them, when they walk over.

But then I took a taxi to the Khan El Khalili - the big historic bazaar.
Here are some impressions:

Of course I didn't just go there to look at the shops - I wanted to BUY something! Dance costumes!
Armed with a list of addresses that I had gathered from the Internet I was ready to visit every shop available. The results of this went into my Cairo Shopping Guide for Dancers - in case you want to read more details about the costume vendors.

I started with the famous Mahmoud Abdel Ghaffar - a really big shop with several levels!

I bought a lovely pink costume here, quite old school:
And I got a dress for Melaya dance (the blue glitter shoes are from Cairo as well).

I continued to other shops like Yasser which I really liked a lot and where I bought this beauty:
A smaller shop, owned by Hassan Afifi
You can see the costumes to his right, I bought one of those in blue (on the table in front of him) and with some alterations by me it looked like this:

Yes, I did a lot of costume shopping - after all, one isn't in Cairo every day! 
There are however also shops where I wasn't tempted to buy anything - the ones that sell these ugly "souvenir" costumes. Those bras make you wonder if the person who designed them has ever seen a female breast...
Then I walked out of the the bazaar and saw some frilly things.
How to transport bread!

 Egyptian cotton for sale
How to keep cool in the heat: keep the sun out.
Lovely calligraphy and ornaments
Store front

I actually went to the Khan El Khalili several times. One one occasion I took Hoda with me. I had met her on my first trip to Cairo. She is a certified tour guide but I made her discover a brand new side of Cairo. Now she knows where all the dance costume shops are and I have recommended her to other dance visitors so she could show them around. 

We also went to Mohammad Ali street where the music shops are. I wanted to buy a tambourine - a real one, not just a tourist souvenir.
There are also other shops for all your daily needs.

Hungry? Eat some koshari - comfort food par excellence!

After all the shopping I needed to go see some cultural place too.