St-Maurice / Martigny - Cave and Culture

There is no shortage of caves in the Valais region - and on this excursion we chose one that promised fairies! La Grotte aux Fées, the first touristically developped cave in the country - or as the wall painting says: "One of the wonders of Switzerland"
First one has to walk up the mountain for about 10 minutes.
The restaurant at the entrance of the cave.
It was really hot outside, but the cave has a constant temperature of 10° so I put on some extra clothes. Actually I was kind of perplex to see other visitors come in nothing but shorts and t-shirts - the website clearly warns about the cold inside...
The (mostly natural) tunnels take you deep into the mountain...
Wishing well
Washed out rocks in many colors

At the end of the tunnel there is a high waterfall with a pond- the caves above and beyond are only for pro level explorers.
Alternative perspective
Walking around the pond and under the waterfall

View from behind the waterfall
After walking back and out of the cave we had to warm up first - Olivier even ordered a hot chocolate! This is the lovely view from the restaurant's terrace with the fort underneath.
The weather was a bit unsure and changed between light rain and sunshine. So to be on the safe side, an art museum was next on our trip: The Fondation Pierre Gianadda in Martigny. 
Since we arrived during a sunny phase, we first walked around the park that is home to a lot of sculptures.
Les baigneurs - Niki de Saint Phalle

Cool fountain
Duck bath 
Wolfes on the way to the pond...
Olivier insited that I should pose like this!
We also went to see the current exhibition about "Matisse and his time". But I have to say, I am not a big fan of his work and the other artists on display like Picasso. Not my style.

I even found the car museum in the basement of the building much more interesting! They have old, restaured cars that go back as far as 1897! And most of them are even in driving condition and get taken out for a ride from time to time.

Honk if you like snakes :-)

Martigny is full of Roman ruins - but we would have to go back to appreciate them all. On this occasion we just paid a short visit to the amphitheatre which is actually still in use and was ready for an opera
When we drove back to Montreux, we had nothing but blue skies in front of us... But after a round of grocery shopping we came out of the underground parking lot and were confronted with clouds and strong wind. Just as we called Olivier's uncle to come and get us (we are staying on a little island and the only way there is by boat) it started raining.
He was about to say: "The weather is bad, wait a bit" but I prevented him with: "We've got ice cream!" And we all know that you can't let that melt, can we...

So much wind, even my picture got blurry... Our little island on the right.
Rainy garden
Running in from the harbour.

I filmed a short video, so you can see for yourself how bad it had become very quickly:

I am really glad we didn't wait for the rain to stop, because it was there to stay for some hours! Inbetween it was so bad that you could only see a few meters out.
Still raining, but clearer. There weren't many people on that ship...
Fortunately by the evening the rain stopped. Because there was another firework at night! And it was even better than the week before. 

So we ended in the same spot where I had started my morning the day before.