Tine de Conflens / Lausanne - Photo safari

Another beautiful morning in Montreux - and because I got up earlier than usual I decided to take the opportunity and eat my breakfast on the side of the island instead of the front terrace as usual.
I got there just in time for the sun to crawl over the mountain...

A great way to start the day!
It took some effort to get my boyfriend out of bed, but I really didn't want to go out too late since it was going to be a hot day.
We drove through the vine yards of the Lavaux, up to La Sarraz
I had been to the Tine de Conflens two years ago and was absolutely enchanted with the place. And since I had bought two new costumes in Istanbul that April, I felt it would be a great place for a photo shoot.
But it definitely isn't an easy stroll to get there! The path goes up and down through the forest.

Only for people with some mountain goat DNA...
But it's worth it!
My photographer, checking out the location

While I got ready in my "changing room", always careful not to let my skirt drag in the water...
So beautiful, from many different angles!
Of course we weren't alone, even though it was a Friday morning. Some families with children came for a visit or a short picknick. And there was a group of people who meditated sitting or standing. Since the waterfall is quite noisy, they weren't disturbed by other people's talking because they simply couldn't hear it!

We also went back to the little river and I waded through the cold water to pose for pictures there. The things I do for art!

Here's a first view at an unedited shot - there are a lot more and i will have some photoshopping to do to get the light and color balance right.
Then we walked back up to where the river comes from - it's nice there as well!
I had to pose on this bridge, trying to smile and fight back a mild panic attack since it's really high and I was scared...

Photo shoots are hard work and I was really hungy when we were done after about 2 hours - also the light was too harsh by noon.

On the way back we made a little detour to Lausanne. There's a Japanese shop and Olivier wanted to go there to buy Calpis - but of course he didn't stop there! Snacks, sweets, whatever, he bought a big bag full of stuff!
And I finally got lunch here:
Lausanne's trash cans are hungry! Feed them!
When we got back at 3 PM, the first thing I did was jump in the lake to cool down from a hot day!

Towards the evening there were some clouds to ruin the sunset - so I took a picture as long as the sun was still partly visible...