Istanbul - getting arty

I woke up sometime in the middle of Saturday morning... After not exactly enough sleep but still rested.
As I had decide the day before not to overload my daily program anymore, I took it slow and then walked down to the Istanbul Modern after 12 AM. This museum had been on my to-do list for quite a while!

Selfie in the rain...
The current exhibition is called "Artists in their Time" and features mostly Turkish artists.
As always with modern art there was the good, the bad and the "what the heck?" But I saw several works that I liked or found interesting.
Judging by the pictures that I took, I had a special liking for round objects that day!

"Ugly faces" - interestingly I had seen another of these called "good face" or something similar earlier this week at the SSM. It looked pretty much like this!
Behind the sculpture is the restaurant. I ate a light lunch there but had to reconfirm that the museum restaurants here are really expensive compared to the places I normally go to! 
In the future I'll make sure to eat before entering...

The museum is right on the waterfront of Karaköy.
There is an area of small streets near the museum which I had discovered on Monday. It was now buzzing with people who went to the many nice bars and restaurants.

I followed their example and went into a place called Pim for a piece of delicious lemon cheescake. Every bite must have had about 1000 calories :-) so I really took my time eating it.

It occured to me how much time I usually spend shopping in Istanbul - which this week was not an option because the special order I picked up at the bazaar on Monday was so heavy that I couldn't put anything else in the big bag without going over the weight limit. Instead I had more time to just sit and relax which after all is one of the points of a vacation!
But I still did a tiny bit of shopping that day. There's a place called Souq where every two weeks they hold a market on the weekends that features handmade goods. Quite a hipster affair but cool.
(Pazar means Sunday - because it's open all weekend)
Small stands in one big room
These look like colorful yarn bracelets from a distance but they are actually headphones. I bought a pair because hey, headphones are small and light, no problem even with a full suitcase!
Also being dressed in dark colors that day I felt the need for something bright and cheerful. The brand is called Happy-Nes.
Fun leather goods
Cool lamps and cute suits for little gentlemen
Opposite the entrance somebody had improvised food and drink stands.
As they say in the art world: "without title" :-)
Walking back

Little dancing queen
No vampires welcome here!
This excursion had been a good idea - it left me mentally relaxed and wasn't too exhausting.

Still I took my time to chill out back at the house, going through pictures, writing and napping.

Talking of things on the to-do list: there is no way a visit to Istanbul could be complete without at least one visit to the Ficcin restaurant! Clearly a lot of other people think the same - when I arrived there at 9:30 PM the place was packed and the only free chair I could get was at a table that I shared with a man in his fifties. 
Halfway through my dinner we started talking. He was a local who had studied archeology in Germany. In a short time the conversation went from Istanbul in the 1970ies to Japan to Osho to leather bags. He is a partner in the Japanese shop close to the restaurant - where I had bought some things on a previous trip. Small world!

Walking up Istiklal Caddesi with the Saturday evening crowd.

It was the time for my last round of tango, ending the way I had started, at the 333 milonga.
There was a performance again, this time by teachers from Ankara.
I got tired after 1 AM but every time I decided to leave, somebody asked me to dance, so it was 2 AM when I finally left...