Istanbul - resting day with a bit of torture

I had planned for Thursday to be my day off, and it was good timing. Not just because I was getting tired but also because it was the first rainy day.
The day before I had booked a massage at a nearby yoga studio.
After 5 days of walking all over town plus a lot of tango dancing, my back and legs really needed some work, and the massager made sure they were getting it!
He found all the bad spots and pressed them until it really hurt. At one point he told me I had a high tolerance for pain and "please don't hate me". I thanked him for his hard work instead.

I badly needed some rest to process this treatment. And as soon as I got back to my house it started raining heavily which was fine with me, so I could just hang around for a few hours.

When the rain stopped in the afternoon I went for a stroll on Istiklal Caddesi and to have a nice piece of cake with a view on the latest construction site and street art. If you've ever been there you know how hard it is to take a picture with nearly no people in it!
One can never have too many tango shoes, right?! So I went to Necmi Usta to order a pair.
He has a new showroom now next to his workshop. 
Later I met up with an old friend to hang out and have dinner by the water in Kabatas with a view of the full moon over the Bosphorus.
And more tango of course! This one was on the 9th floor of the Point hotel, with a terrace.
Every time I go there I take a picture of the gigantic construction site next to it - but somehow I don't see much progress... It's still this big hole in the ground with empty old houses next to it.