Istanbul - Sunny Sunday

I had left the milonga at about 3 AM the night before - but it was nearly 4 AM until I finally got into bed.
Needless to say, I got up late. Also took some time to get dressed. And there was no food in the house as I had only gone shopping for clothes the day before. 

By the time I was finally outside, I was starving! But still went to the little Carrefour first to buy some groceries before I went to a nice café and had a full on Turkish breakfast on the terrace. Yes, it's this warm here, some people were even sitting around in just their t-shirts!

This is what I like to look at in the morning...
The humans of Istanbul don't own the outdoor space - they just borrow it from the cats, the official rulers of the town!
The locals usually totally ignore them. These are not household pets, they are half-wild street animals and they're doing just fine without humans, thank you very much. Except of course when they can haz some food from the table...

The girl in the green pullover however finally got annoyed and carried the cat out into the street.
After bringing my groceries back to the house I headed down to the Bosphorus to catch the ferry to Üsküdar. Man, that wind was STRONG!

Brave young guy, posing. Just before he got wet...

Here's a short video of a really big wave crashing:

Due to the rough sea conditions the ferry from Kabatas to Üsküdar was cancelled. Oh great. I had a friend  waiting there for me! So I rushed back to the house to have a WiFi connection and write to him. He told me that the ferries from Besiktas were coming in. OK, so I rushed back to the main street, spent some time stuck in traffic on the bus and finally made it on the ferry. 

How do you know it's a Turkish ferry? There's a guy selling tea of course!
Standing in my favorite spot!
An Algerian guy was kind enough to take some pictures of me.
And he also caught the moment when a wave finally got me! I was amlittle wet on my backside....

I try doing things the "local" way, like using a lot of public transport. But when my friend announced that we were going to hit the road on his scooter I wasn't exactly extatic... At least he had a full set of helmet, gloves and wind proof jacket for me. 
Well, in terms of getting around it certainly is the fastest way! And my friend always knows the nicest spots, so I went along with it. It's been ages since I last sat on a motorbike and kind of enjoyed it.

First stop: Küçüksu, close to the second Bosphorus bridge. Very nice place to just hang out and enjoy the view! Also a good place to watch the secong most important animals of Istanbul: Seagulls!
There's a little palace - opulence is the word that comes to mind! Unfortunately it's not open for visitors, I bet it looks awesome inside.

My friend made me do endless poses in front of everything.
Side entrance

We always like a nice sunset, don't we!
Looking back at the palace in the golden evening light.
Seagulls and boats - the life of the Bosphorus.
Since it got dark soon afterwards, we drove back including a little break for some soup. Now that's a local thing for you! I barely escaped having to try tripes soup. Just a bit too local for me...

My friend was nice enough to drive me all the way back to Taksim. Most of the ride was rather slow due to the heavy traffic. But once we were on the first Bosphorus bridge, it went faster. I nearly got scared but the view from the bridge up and down the Bosphorus with all the illuminated bridges, palaces and other city lights was just too great! I wish I could have taken pictures, but that's not advisable on a scooter...

Somehow I wasn't very motivated to go out and I knew I'd have a busy Monday. So I stayed in, went through my pictures and wrote this blog, so could go out early the next day.