Istanbul - a last stroll and more street art

My last day in Istanbul had arrived once again. First there was the task of packing which was done quite quickly. The biggest challenge was to figure out how much I could stuff into my hand luggage without going overweight. I decided to wear several layers of clothes on the flight. As I had only brought two old, worn out pairs of shoes/boots that I had planned not to bring back anyway there was already one problem less. 
In the end I stuffed several leggings and a t-shirt into one of the red bags so that I could take it out and put it into my big handbag if needed. 

With this taken care of I went for a stroll, starting with the big Istiklal street where business doesn't stop on Sunday. 
The street musicians were giving their best, playing popular Turkish songs that half of the audience was singing along to.
This one is for my father who can't say Galatasaray to safe his life :-)
And this is for my boyfriend who won't get any sweets this time, but at least he can look at them.
No matter how much luggage you have, there is always space for nail polish! Because cheap Turkish nail polish is the best and I gotta have some.

Scared smileys

Diving down into the side streets.

It's funny how I only seem to find Cezayir Sokak on Sunday mornings. I had ended up here before on a trip in a Summer. I must come here another time in the evening.
There are so many restaurants in this little street that it's hard to choose one. In the end I went to the one where I liked the music best and ordered a full Turkish breakfast since I intended to sit there for a while. It was still warm enough to sit outside, at least in a coat.
I took my time, eating slowly and catching up on my Instagram. Thank you, free WiFi!

The way back through the small streets of Cihangir was nice as always. Lots of cute little shops and cool street art.

Elvis selfie

I usually take the airport shuttle bus but with my heavy luggage a taxi was in order - they don't cost the word after all.
Pleasant surprise at the check-in counter: my big bag made the weight limit nicely. The cabin trolley was 8,7 kg which is a bit too much but the nice young man at the counter didn't bat an eye and put the "approved cabin baggage" sticker on it. Thanks!

Waiting to board - exchanging one red-white flag for the other...