Engadin - From Sent to St. Moritz

For this year's 3 day long mountain trip we chose a special attraction: the ice way in Sent Sur-En. Since we've been ice skating so much lately it seemed only logical that we should go to a place where you can enjoy the mountain and forest scenery.

That's why we chose the route through the Vereina tunnel. 
When we exited I typed Sur-en into the GPS and we were guided down the valley, across the river and up a snow-covered, winding little road.
It ended in a tiny village with just a handful of buildings. Somehow we got the impression that we were in the wrong place...
There was a man in the street and I opened the window to ask him for directions but I hardly got the chance because he immediately started to tell us how much he liked my boyfriend's car, a Smart Roadster! 
Then he informed us that we had picked the wrong Sur-en and we weren't the first people to do so. We would have to go to  Sent.
But first we left the car and went on a little photo safari in this extremely pretty village - we figured we might just as well use the opportunity to take pictures of traditional Engadin houses with their wall paintings.

Fun detail

A more modern interpretation
So many motifs!

Opposite of this house is a little church which in contrast is plain and has very little decor. 
We were informed that the benches on the right were for men and those  on the left for women...
Just a small stained glass window of a dove above the door.
I swear it was colder inside the church than outside!
Back to the great car!
Another part of our odysee - we got to Sent, only to find out that the camping "Sur-en" was outside the village, by the river... After all, "sur en" literally means "above the Inn river".

Another very decorative building (a hotel) in Sent
Finally we made it!
Skating here takes a bit of getting used to because the ice is a little bumpy and goes up and downhill.

Several layers of ice...
Nice view - with much less snow on the sunny side of the valley!
Fa ün posa! Take a break.

Not too much snow here either - and in some places that are more exposed to the sun, the ice had begun to desintegrate.
Selfie on Ice
There's also an ice palace by the camping site. 
It's built like e little maze of ice with a tower in the center.

After all the afternoon fun we had more driving to do - basically going to the other end of the Engadin valley. My aunt lives in St. Moritz and went to stay with her.

We had a cozy night in with light dinner and a lot of chatting about everything under the sun.