St. Moritz / Madulain - Skiing, skating, art appreciating

This is what we came here for!

And for a while on Saturday morning we really felt in skier's paradise. 
Just look at those mountains!

A lot of snow, and not many other people around.
But towards noon, the weather changed very suddenly - clouds covered the sun and it was getting hard to see anything. Well, it wasn't foggy, but there just wasn't any contrast on the pistes.
It was a bit better in the lower regions though and so that's where we stayed - we even went down all the way to Celerina, a region I had never been to on skis!

Trees on the way down
So there aren't any more pictures because there wasn't anything fun to photograph...
Having bad sight also kind of wore us out. When we got back to my aunt's place at 3:30 we were very tired - we practically collapsed in bed and slept for 2 hours!

We woke up in the early evening and discussed dinner plans. My aunt was feeling a bit under the weather and didn't want to go out. Instead she showed us an ad for "ice skating under the moon" in Madulain. How could we resist? 

Madulain is a little village about 20 minutes away from St. Moritz. They have an ice way of about 1 km length along the Inn river. We arrived there shortly after it started at 7 PM and were the first people by far.
Well, there was no moon to be seen, instead it was snowing. But we didn't let that stop us, the snow just barely covered the ice. We were given lamps to wear on our legs so that we could see where we were going because there were only few lit trees along the way.

Playing around 
Oli tried out an app with long term exposure that showed mostly the way of my lamp and only a ghost leg of me.
Yeah, my night photography leaves a lot to be desired. This is Madulain.
We had already noticed this building when we arrived and went to check it out after we had changed back into our normal boots.
Turns out this is the "Stalla Madulain", an art gallery on 3 floors in a stable from 1910. And yes, there is no heating on the top floor, it's all open!
Sculpures by Sara Masüger and paintings by Robertson Käppeli. 
Vomiting faces?
We especially liked the pictures - they look like pop art lithographies but are actually all hand painted originals!
Just check out the details - every little dot was hand painted - just mind blowing!
Ground floor with more art.

There were more people around on the middle floor and we actually got to talk to Robertson. He told us that he spends weeks or even months on just one picture!

Here's my camera acting up again, creating "art" because the night vision app picked up all the snow flakes...

We still hadn't had dinner and went back to St. Moritz to find a place that would serve us food at close to 10 PM without charging a luxury price. Which is not so easy... 
But we found a place called "Bobby's Pub" where we had a light meal and got to observe the youth (both locals and tourists) on their Saturday night out.

It was interesting to watch that even though there is a big smokers' section (where the age limit is 16) there were constantly small groups going outside to smoke and chat in the freezing cold. 
And some American girls obviously hadn't realized that stiletto booties might not be the ideal choice for walking in the snow....