St. Moritz - skiing to the max!

A day pass for the ski lifts in St. Moritz is not exactly cheap - that's why we started early to get the most out of it and were up on the mountain before 10 AM!

The snow was great but we had to wait a bit for the sun to really come out. A good excuse for a before-lunch snack break. Nut cake is a must up here!

Oh, the dramatic clouds!
As soon as it started to clear up we went "Over the Top" as it is written on the entrance of the Piz Nair cable car station - a pun aimed at the slogan "Top of the World" for St. Moritz :-) Since the mountain is over 3000 meters high, it's quite fitting.
The view up there is always spectacular and we enjoyed both skiing down and looking at the mountains and rocks on the chair lift back up.

The Lej de la Pêsch, a little mountain lake. Usually it's completely covered up in the Winter, but as there is less snow this year, I saw it for the first time.
Here we are, two people with different opinions about how much you need to wear to keep warm :-) Oli is on his "all I need is a thick shirt" trip...

Mountains and more mountains

One of the last little clouds

Rocks covered in bright green moss
Here he comes, the master of the snow skate! One day I hope to be good enough at this so I can retire my skis and just grab a board as well - so much less hassle!
Looking down at St. Moritz and the lake
And up again for our last few rounds and an afternoon snack on a sunny terrace. 
We continued until the bitter end - which means that we were back down by 4:30 PM. Interestingly I was less tired than the day before, but that's probably because it's easier to ski when you can actually see where you are going...

Well, and then it was already time to pack our stuff and drive back home. Of course we didn't miss out on the classic Sunday evening traffic jam around Landquart...
We were slow enough for me to take a picture of the rising moon.