Montreux - outdoor living

The four day Easter break is an ecxellent opportunity for a trip to Montreux. Having arrived on Friday evening we found the most gorgeous weather on Saturday.

Good opportunity for a panoramic picture with our "little bathing hut by the lake" as my boyfriend's grandfather used to call it - the villa on the Isle de Salagnon.
Despite the cool temperatures we had our breakfast down on the terrace steps with this view.
After 9 AM we were already on our way for a stroll along the lake.
Another island view
The magnolias were just getting ready to open.
Looking over to the center of Montreux. Where we were headed.
I had planned to take a lot of flower pictures, this is just the start!

Suddenly there were tons of people - all standing in line to enter the Polymanga fair. We estimated that the queue was about 500 meters long - and they were the people who already had a ticket! There was a second line on the other side of the Stravinsky auditorium for people who still had to buy a ticket...
A lot of cosplay and the most people in Pikachu onesies I have ever seen!
Further down, sculptures with themes from around the world.
More flowers!

And blooming trees
After a two hours walk we were back on the island. I had a little break and then grabbed some tools to do 4 hours of gardening. I freed a big flower bed of tons of weed and dead leaves.

In the late afternoon more people arrived. First Olivier's brother with his family and then his cousin with wife and 3 little boys.
So now we suddenly were 10 adults, 5 children and a dog. Fortunately there's enough space for everybody.

Every 4 years the water level of lake Geneva gets lowered by about 1.5 meters so that people can do repair works.
For us it presented an opportunity to climb around half of the island on rocks that are normally under water.
Golden evening light
On the habour side
Later some sunset watching. Elvis insited in taking a seldie together.
Chica, the adorable dog, looking out for ducks.
Never gets old
Dents du midi in the last sunlight
This is an old restored seesaw that has been in use for many decades. This evening it held all the kids and an adult at the same time.
We finished the day with a big family dinner.
I was so tired from being outdoors all day that I went to bed early and slept for about 11 hours.