Italy / St. Moritz - Taking the long way home

Since the weather had cooled down at Lake Como and we wanted to make the most out of our drive home we decided to choose a different route than the one we had come down on.

So after Chiavenna, instead of the Splügen pass we went in the direction of St. Moritz.

The good things about a road trip in your own car is that you can stop wherever you want. We saw those waterfalls in Piuro from the street and I decided to take a closer look. 
They are the Cascate di Acquafraggia and it's actually not so easy to get them into one picture because the have two parts. This is just the lower part and you can see that it's already quite high.
I was wearing my good-for-everything rubber shoes. Perfect for getting a better angle by simply stepping into the river below the waterfalls.
But I still couldn't manager to get everything into one picture, we would have to go further away for that.
A lemonsoda (for me) and a gelato (for Willow) later we were ready to attack the Maloia mountain pass. It's very steep with a lot of narrow curves.
Don't worry, I had my hands on the steering wheel, this and all the following driving pictures were taken by Willow.
Up on the pass we enjoyed the great view
Mountains to all sides!
I believe I can fly...
There are also hotels up here for those who want to enjoy the fresh air. And a kiosk for those (like us) who need more gelato.
Trees growing out of rocks
It wasn't too far from there to St. Moritz. I showd Willow some milestones of my childhood like this hill above the Suvretta House hotel on which I had learned how to ski when I was little.
Maybe I can really fly?
Mountain beauties.
More beauties....
There's a chair lift up the mountains and Willow wanted to go - but I am afraid of hights and while going up would probably not have been a problem, I know that going downhill is really scary for me.
As an alternative I proposed to take the Signal cable car which as a bonus also goes up much higher.

When we got into the cabin we realized that we were clearly not dressed for the occasion. Everybody else was wearing hiking boots and and clothes...
But hey, we could enjoy the view just as well! Here's St. Moritz with the lake.
And there are the lakes of Silvaplana and Sils.
We were both hungry when we arrived at the mountain station and I was happy to get one of the nut cakes that's famous for this region.

Where to go now? Walking up of course!
Wait, we feel a Bollywood moment coming on! There was enough wind for sure!
Overdressed? Underdressed? Who knows... But so much more chic than the person behind us!
The cows didn't mind.
Willow trying to go all Heidi - with little success. The cows were not very interested in us.
A boy and a teenage cow.
After quite a while of walking up and down, admiring all the pretty flowers, the view and the cows, we were ready to take the cabel car back down.
Comparing shoes....
What everybody else was wearing....
Time for a little sightseeing in St. Moritz! This is the famous leaning tower.
The lovely building of the Conditorei Hanselmann
No one but THREE Rolls Royce cars in front of the Palace Hotel!
Somebody made it to the top!
There's even art in the park garage.
Just so that you know...
Strolling along the lake. I shortly dipped my feet into the water because they were very dusty from the mountain walk. Wow, that water was freezing cold! It all comes down directly from the mountains' melted snow!
Time to move on - and for the 3rd mountain pass on this trip, the Julier.
It all went well until we got down to the plaines where it started raining like crazy.
Fortunately it cleared up by the Walensee and we got home safely.