Lago di Como - just a lovely vacation day

After a long sleep I woke up to this view that needs no further comment...
We had a little breakfast and the Willow and I swam in the lake, over to the next little bay. There's a gravel beach with special stones - we call them glimmer stones. And just as we had done as children, Willow collected some as a souvenir.
Most of the rest of the day consisted of hanging around, reading and having lunch with a young couple from the neighbouring house.

I felt the need to move and so despitenthe heat we walked up to the village of Olgiasca, passing a lot of blooming bushes.
Flowers in all the gardens.

View to the other side of the lake.
We were not completely free in our choice of the route as we had taken Vina, my aunt's dog, with us and she had a very clear idea of where she wanted to go, pulling me there.
So we ended up in the village cemetery... Where as always in these places, most graves had the same two or three family names on them, always with a photo of the person in it.
Fortunately Vina the decided that we should go back into the village. It's one of these old little villages with little streets and alleys that go up and down in all directions.

An old and a new door.
When we arrived back at the house I was very ready for another swim in the lake. Every day at around noon the "Breva" comes here, a wind that brings small but strong waves. So we didn't do much actual swimming, more a bit of hanging out in the water.

For dinner we drove into Colico, close to the "beach". There are many kinds of beaches in the world, this one has a lot of grass and just a little strip of pebbles by the water. 
It was the time when all the many kite surfers were packing up their equipment.
But it was still very windy which was fortunate because of the heat.

The restaurant was super busy and the staff of very young waitresses and waiters could hardly keep up. So it took us quite a while to order our pizzas and later pay for them.

Getting back at night just in time to catch the moon, reflected in the lake.