Lago di Como - Market day

Every Sunday there's a street market in Colico, the small town near my aunt's house on Lake Como.
Why drive there if you can go by boat? First you have to get it into the water though.
On our way to Colico. My cousin Patric showed David how to drive - which he did with much pleasure and rather fast!
The lady lounging in the back.
Passing the penninsula of Olgiasca
There are many small towns and villages on the shores of the lake.
These high mountains look like volanoes...
Somehow it seems to me that when I used to come here as a child, I never realized how big those mountains around the lake are!
Finally at the market - the stands are built up along the main street of Colico.
Willow was in big earring heaven!
You can't just shop, sometimes you also need gelato!

And the sales were on in the shoe shop :-)
There were many different things to buy, from underwear to sweets and rugs - but nothing that I really wanted to buy. I still enjoyed the experience though. 

Going back.
It was a hot day and the logical thing to do in the afternoon was to jump into the lake to cool down a bit.

Later I played a round of Backgammon with my aunt - we both love the game and were happy to have somebody to play with.

Towards the evening the clouds became very dramatic....
It was the evening of the football Eurocup - and the only two people who watched the game were Willow and my aunt Maggie! 
Whoever makes the weather was obiously not happy about Portugal being the new champion - the evening closed with strong rain and so much lightning that it looked like a disco light show! Maggie's dog went half crazy because she was very scared.