Milano - modern architecture and monumental graves

Wednesay only had one color: grey. But we didn't let that discourage us! 
We headed out with a vague plan of one place we wanted to visit. 
Walking in the direction of the Garibaldi station we suddenly saw this interesting sight:
And the famous "vertical forest" - two buildings with actual trees growing on them.
This asked for further investigations! We walked into what turned out to be the Piazza Gae Aulenti - a square surrounded by new buildings of interesting architecture, with a big fountain in the center. The complex had only been opened 2012 and they are still planning to turn the green area around it into a park called the Library of Trees.

This place is made for posing.

Big plant-like sculpture in front of the UniCredit tower.
Fountain detail
Looking up
Milano has more than just one golden horn :-)
More posing
There are also a bunch of shops, including a Sephora. We looked around but I found many things to be rather overpriced.
However there is an Illy cafe that also serves delicious food. My friend needs several coffees to bring her through the day, and what better place to get one than this?
Advertisement for the new collection of coffee cups designed by Emilio Pucci.
Our lunch!
And all our good intentions about not buying anything went out of the window when we entered the Muji store... But I really needed new house slippers and a convertible scarf is always a good thing to have, right? The prices were very reasonable too.
We walked around the square some more and admired the architecture. The is also a basement floor where you can look up through some holes.
We had a short rainy phase too as you can see. The bent LED advertisement element is rather interesting to look at though, no matter what the weather.
Close to the bosco verrtivale
A short walk later we got to the actual goal of this day. When you travel with a goth lady, you might probably end up at a cemetery - but the Cimitero Monumentale is a very special one! First of all it's really huge! Just look at the entrance...
Some details

To both sides of the entrance you can enter the catacombs with hundreds of graves of cremated people. My friend went into a photo frenzy and took a lot of pictures of those gravestones.

Some of these are really beautiful 
Family graves

Artful plate
There are so many of these corridors!
Found some mosaics too.
Behind the entrance is the actual graveyard section. This where the rich people of Milan are buried. Many of these are family graves, and the artistry is astounding.
Some of the tombs resemble small temples.
We were very impressed with all those different styles and the opulence.
Up on the gallery
Bring on the gold.
One of my favorites 
So many angels!
Gothic for sure
Just make it high.
Rest in PAX
Somebody was a fan of Ancient Egypt.
Modern grave from the early 1970s
Telling a story with a tiny little grave stone
For Dina Galli, a once famous actress 
In the chapel at the rear end of the cemetery. More graves of course.
Those people from Zurich end up everywhere!
Crusade knights?
After two hours we had only seen a fraction of the cemetery- but it was getting chilly and so we returned to the hotel.

Later when we got hungry we simply walked across the street to the same restaurant as the night before. There are 60 different pizzas on the menu of this place! But we decided to go for something else this time since they are just too big.