Tijuana - just a little bit of Mexico

Since I was already in San Diego I took the opportunity to check off another country on my list, just for fun. It's easy to get to the Mexican border by public transport, just a one hour train ride is all it took. 
A short walk later I was in Tijuana.
OK, so it's not exactly a cultural highlight. Actually, having travelled in the Middle East and Asia, this felt kind of familiar, just in Spanish.
I bet a lot of people from the States come here for the cheap shopping.
Pinatas with a modern twist!

Isn't it funny like all the markets in all the world seem to look the same? 

At least there is a church to provide some historical flavour.
As I sat down to have lunch, this was the view from my table. Very colorful!

Even my table cloth was rainbow colored.
Mariachi band for a local touch
After a few hours I felt like I had seen what there was to see and went on my way back to the USA.
The bridge to the promised land...
Driving into Mexico: no problem - driving into the States: be ready to wait in line. Fortunately it was much faster on foot.
So that was my "I can say I was in Mexico" excursion. For the evening I had planned something completely different in San Diego...