Zürich - The making of a Böögg and FREITAG bags

The monthly gatherings of the Gesellschaft zu Fraumünster often take us to special places and let us experience things that you would not normally be able to see. Thanks to good connections we were invited to this special evening at the NOERD house in the north of Zurich - with not one but 3 guided tours through different parts of the building.

Starting with an apéro on the roof terrace.

I had a little walk around and found this urban landscape.
One of our guides: Markus Freitag, one of the two brothers who founded the FREITAG company, makers of bags from recycled truck tarps. Of course I wore one of my bags for the occasion since I am a big fan!
We were divided into 3 groups, and my group's first tour took us around the rooms of aroma, an agency for 3D communication.
original use of old windows

 explaining a project
 over to the huge storage hall where all the material is kept
 There's a slide down - you can bet that I was the first to go!
 Individual window decorations for pharmacies
 a big printer for posters
 Part two - the most exclusive one! Only a chosen few get to see this from up close....
 Building of the Böögg!
This will be burned in two weeks... Hopefully in less than 20 minutes!
Skip to the end of the video for the big bangs!

 Lukas Meier, the man with the honorable job of building the "snowman", representing Winter.
 That thing is huge, just look at the arm!
 Now I can officially say that I helped building the Böögg!
 What's inside... highly flammable materials of course!

 And here's part three, the one for the fangirl in me. Where FREITAG keep their tarps before processing them.
 Explaining the making of a bag from truck to shoulder.
 Which materials will end up as which bag model?
 First they need a good washing - off with all that highway dirt!
 Look little bag, this is where you came from! 
 Now I want to do a little shopping...
 Cutting the pieces by hand...
 ...or by machine. Apparently, both processes take about the same amount of time.
 Ready to make bags!

 Preparing for the laser cut

 All those colors...
What an interesting evening that was! We finished it off with dinner in the building's own restaurant.