Taney - Family hike from lake to lake

After last weekend's solo-hike, this time I went with a big group! 
I had gone down to Montreux for the weekend and my boyfriend's brother was there with his wife and kids for their Summer. Together with them, his uncle, aunt and cousin we were 9 persons who started out on the shores of Lake Geneva to go and walk up to a mountain lake.
We first drove about half an hour up to Miex in the canton of Valais. And started walking up from there - first along the road and then through the forest. In total we climbed up about 440 meters of altitude.

Our hike was up the mountain on the right side.
Passing through the village of Le Flon.
Picture book Switzerland! With Elvis and Mia. Note that I hadn't been informed about the hike in advance, so I only had my glittery city sneakers....
Chilling cows
As soon as we entered the forest, the trail got very steep. It's called "le sentier des chèvres" - the goats trail. 
Yes, this is more for goats than for humans....
As you can see, we went up very high, very soon.

The trail crossed the "road" several times and for the last, very steep bit we chose this easier way to walk.
Finally at the goal! The Lac de Taney is a very beautiful lake between several mountains.
The small village of Taney. It's a protected area and very few cars are permitted to drive there.
The house in the middle is the reastaurant where we sat down to rest and eat. They have a surprisingly good kitchen there.
A bit of strolling for digestion.
The lake's water was much warmer than one would expect this high up. So Olivier assumed his role as "bad influence uncle" and took Elvis for a swim (they are the ones in the back of the picture). For this he was promtly scolded afterwards, because the water might have been warm, but the air was chilly and they both were cold when they came out - with now towels and now dry underwear to change into.
I myself preferred to just walk around and enjoy the view.
On our way back - one last look at the dramatic scenery. The twin peaks in the center are called "Les Jumelles"
We stayed on the road to walk down - this was already steep enough.
That way we were able to enjoy the views over the valley and more mountains.

When we got back we were all pretty tired - we just had a simple dinner after which I went to bed to watch some episodes of a TV show.
In the middle of it, Olivier suddenly bursted in and told me to come out to the terrace. It was one of those nights when a lot of shooting stars had been announced.
So we layed down flat and gazed up at the sky. I actually saw four shooting stars in about half an hour.
But also four satellites, dozens of airplanes and a handfull of bats. The night sky is quite busy if you take the time to look at it properly.